Yesterday dawned bright and clear, and we got the very good news that our driveway was being poured, HOORAY!!
28 Driveway

And so we have a driveway. Yesterday afternoon it started raining and it’s barely stopped since. I hope it doesn’t affect the concrete!

New moving date of 5 September. (10 days to go!)



Well, the driveway still looks like this.

photo 1

With more rain predicted this week, who knows how long it will stay like that.

Floors are in.

photo 2

Couldn’t really see the carpet, except for tiny slivers through the blinds. Obviously not moving in next Friday, and can’t get a new date until the driveway goes down.



Well, it’s poured most of the day and more rain is predicted tomorrow, so I’m not at all hopeful that the driveway will be poured tomorrow. It’s supposed to rain for days, so I have no idea how long it will take.

The blinds are up.

27 blinds


Potential hiccup

So Sydney has seen hardly any rain this winter. There’s been only a little impact on the build. Yesterday it rained.

Guess when they planned to pour the driveway? And for whatever reason, they can’t get the guys back until Monday. When it’s predicted to rain again.

If it’s not poured on Monday, we won’t be doing handover on August 29, because the SS won’t be able to get the inspection and interim certificate done.

We’ve already booked removalists, cleaners, furniture deliveries, telstra install – all for that weekend.

Fingers crossed for the weatherman being wrong!

Fence down!!

There’s still a bit to be done, but we had our walkthrough today. How exciting! The safety fence is down!

080814 house

Formwork is in place for the driveway and footpath. It looks so pretty! Photobomb ahead!

Front Door

080814 front door

Entry way

080814 foyer

Sewing room (My table will go right under those windows

080814 sewing room 3Loungeroom/TV spot, David photobomb

080814 TV nookDining area

080814 dining areaKitchen

080814 kitchen 2Complete with Emily hiding in the pantry

080814 em pantry Kitchen isn’t as dark as the pics look, the sun was affecting the light.


080814 alfrescoLinen Cupboard

080814 linen cupboard

Main bathroom vanity

080814 main bath vanityBath

080814 em bath 1

Main bathroom shower feature tile

080814 main bath feature tile

Ensuite vanity and shower

080814 ensuite showerEnsuite feature tile

080814 ensuite feature tile


Emily bedroom

080814 em bedroomI’m so excited, it all looks awesome. So, so happy with the wall colour. I was starting to second guess myself selecting white paint, but this is a pale grey, love it.

Still to go –

  • Wardrobe doors to bedrooms 2 & 3
  • one of the wardrobe rails in the walk in needs to go up
  • about half of the door handles are on. (not sure what happened to the rest!)
  • blinds
  • air conditioning vents are all in, the unit needs to go in when the little slab is laid.
  • driveway/path/steps
  • flooring
  • laundry taps

Officially set the handover date for August 29. Hoping to move in that afternoon. Fingers crossed!!





Slooooow progress

So not much has happened since the tiling was done. We went up last week, and the cornices had been added to the kitchen bulkheads, and the rails had been put into the wardrobes and the towel rails put in the bathroom. That was it for the whole week.

This week? Nothing. Well, they cleared most of the garbage off the site. They didn’t even do that particularly well, there’s still entire bags of trash against the fence. Here’s a picture of the house sort of cleared up.

house 120714

I emailed the site supervisor a week ago asking for an update, but nothing. No response at all. Em and I drove up there this afternoon, and at least someone had done something today. We have benchtops and taps!! (And a big puddle)

Kitchen 210714At least it looks like the puddle is drying up, so hopefully it was a temporary spill and not a leak. We could also see the edge of a loo in the ensuite. (No pic, I have to go to weird lengths to see a tiny sliver of the ensuite!) And there’s a sink/tub in the laundry.

laundry 210714

Not sure why there are kitchen and washing machine taps, but no laundry sink taps. (D’oh, just realised – they have to put the tiles on first) Hoping there’s a lot of work kicking in this week. Still to go that I know of are

  • Painting
  • kitchen splash back tiles and laundry sink/edges finish
  • Wardrobe doors
  • bathroom basins and shower stalls (May be done, can’t see from outside)
  • garage door electricals
  • electricals all through – power points, light switches, lights.
  • airconditioning finished
  • flooring
  • driveway/footpath
  • flyscreens
  • blinds

Probably more. The painting and electricals are the biggest, I think. The eaves/drainpipes/alfresco have yet to be done as well as inside. An approximate end date would be good though – there’s furniture to order!! (And leave to book off work!)


I worked yesterday, but David went up to look, and the tilers were still there, so he got to have a walk around and a stickybeak!

Kitchen cabinetry is done

050714 kitchen

I’m sure I’ll be much happier with it when the bulkheads are painted and the tile are done. (And my pretty ceasarstone arrives)

Main bathroom

050714 Bathroom


050714 Ensuite

And alfresco

050714 Alfresco

Very happy with how it’s all coming together!

In again!

Drove by this morning, and all sorts of people were on site, and let us in for another look-see!

The kitchen was supposed to start on Monday, but they were there today!

040714 kitchen

And the tiling was happening.

040714 bathroom tiles

I’d been having some second thoughts that maybe the tiles were too dark, but I really like them. No wall tiles, yet.

And our water tank is in, too.

040714 water tank

I think having the good looking 21 year old with me is what encourages the tradies to let us have a look 😉

I went in!

Went by this afternoon with Emily, and the tiling guys were there, prepping the porch for tiling. I asked if we could go in through the garage, and they were happy for us to look through. Yay! Prepare for a photobomb!

02_7_14 - Alfresco from inside

Alfresco from the double stacker back door.

020714 sewing room inside

My sewing room!

outdoor tiles 020714

Outdoor tiles ready to be laid.

020714 ensuite


020714 ensuite feature tilesEnsuite feature tiles.

020714 tiles in room 2


Main bathroom and laundry tiles, and feature tiles for main bathroom.

020714 bathroom


020714 walk in

Walk in robe.

020714 spider in walk inTheres already a spider in my wardrobe! (Waaah!)

020714 Em wardrobe

Emily in her wardrobe (Only bit she’s interested in!)

Hooray!! Now I want to see the tiles laid!